Young Activist Boot Camp

9-4pm, June 25 - June 29

This camp is for 12-17 years olds who are concerned about problems in our world and want help figuring out how to make change happen. Whether you care about racism, climate change, bullying, homelessness, animal cruelty, women's rights, gay rights, gun control, police brutality, all of the above, or another important issue, Young Activist Boot Camp will help you develop a plan for change on the cause that's right for you. Young Activist Boot Camp is also a chance to meet amazing, like-minded friends, find your voice, and develop leadership skills, all while having fun. Come hone in on your passions, assess social justice issues and generate a path to move forward. We will be in contact with local organizations in your desired field and by the end of the week will help you create a solid plan of action to make your impact on the world.

This camp is for you if you:

  • You see social problems in our world and want help figuring out what to do about them.
  • You want to meet more people your age who are dedicated to making a difference in the world 
  • You are looking to build your confidence to help you speak up effectively on issues important to you
  • You want to get more active on a cause you care about
  • You are willing to get outside your comfort zone so you can learn more
  • You like having fun with a group of people who also know how to take issues seriously
Young Activist Bootcamp