There is a wealth of information about Self-Directed Education available online. Listed on this resource page are a few references to get you started and to offer support through the paradigm shift from traditional education models to the Self-Directed Education framework.



Though there are several, these books have become somewhat canon and fundamental to starting and supporting someone on the deschooling path.

  • Free To Learn by Peter Gray
  • Summerhill by A.S. Neil
  • Secrets of a Buccaneer-Scholar by James Marcus Bach
  • The Art of Self-Directed Learning by Blake Boles
  • Free At Last by Daniel Greenburg

The following websites exist to promote, connect, inform, and organize around the realm of self-directed education.


Below we link to the main websites and blogs of prolific and notable scholars, educators, and practitioners in the realm of unschooling and self-directed education. Each of them with their own perspectives, theories, and approaches. Each of them gateways to massive amounts of stories and information about this realm of alternative education.

  • Peter Gray
  • Ken Robinson
  • Sugatra Mitra
  • Akilah Richards
  • A.S. Neil
  • Daniel Greenberg
  • Yaachov Hecht
  • Blake Boles
  • John Holt
  • Penelope Trunk