Heartwood Mega-Offering Camp: Monday, June 24th - Friday, June 28th

Mega Offering Camp is the second week of our Agile Learning Facilitator Summer Training where the facilitators who have been training with us for a week have the opportunity to practice facilitation with students through a camp experience. It is called Mega Offering because it's a host of different facilitators and they all have new and unique offerings. Last year was a blast. This year promises to be the same.

Some of our students also call this Heartwood Reunion Camp, because they will have been away from each other for 4 weeks by this time and it’s just time for a Summer Reunion! The camp is open to Heartwood students. There will also be a very small sprinkling of young people who are the children of the facilitators in training.

There are three levels of payment. Chose the level that is the best fit for your family needs and abilities. Click your selection below to begin registration and payment.