Growing Our


Sustainability for self-directed learners

In April 2016, ten families set out to create the school of their dreams; a place where kids individualize their own learning within a collaborative community. In four months our dream became a reality; we incorporated a nonprofit, connected with a network of similar projects, invested in training, and deepened our relationships with each other. We opened our doors on August 15th at the Clarkston Community Center with 16 students.

We’ve launched this fundraising campaign in order to strengthen our efforts during this start-up phase. With your support, we’ll raise the funds necessary to complete the build-out and furnishing of our permanent space, while keeping tuition affordable and — with some luck — opening our doors to a growing and diverse audience via scholarships.

Please consider a gift to our new school, Heartwood ALC. A gift of any size will help us to reach our goal, allowing us to further develop an affordable and enriching environment for self-directed learners.


Who We Are

Heartwood Agile Learning Center is a mixed age, self-directed learning community for students age 5 to 18. Our mission is to artfully enable students to pursue their curiosities and develop meaningful connections between one another, the facilitators and the community. We are proud to be part of a growing network of micro-schools that believe that students should be empowered to pursue their own interests. This is accomplished through Agile tools and practices that can be adapted to shape the culture and make explicit the goals of a learning community. It's about agility -- continuously assessing what is working for the community and being willing to try something new. It's about trusting kids like we would any other person. It’s about recognizing children’s innate drive to be curious about the world around them. It’s about empowering students to become leaders of their own learning and caring, contributing citizens who can succeed in an ever-changing world. The founding team at Heartwood is thrilled to be a leader in this effort with the creation of Atlanta’s first Agile Learning Center. We are responding to the need for progressive and relevant education options. Will you join us and offer your support?

Purpose of Funds

Your donation will help us build an enriching school environment that will inspire our students to explore and create. You will also be supporting our sliding scale tuition program, which helps keep our school accessible no matter a family’s socioeconomic status. We want to eliminate finances as a barrier for students who desire high-quality, self-directed education.

We’ve been temporarily operating out of shared space at the Clarkston Community Center, while our dedicated space at Clarkston Babtist undergoes necessary renovations. When it is finished, we want to fill it with materials and resources that provide ample opportunity for connection and learning.

Please help us grow our school and offer a much-needed alternative to traditional education. Every gift, large or small, gets us closer to the vision for self-directed learners in diverse communities. Heartwood ALC is a 501c3. All gifts are tax-deductible.

If you prefer to support via check, please make them out to Heartwood Agile Learning Center and mail them to:

Heartwood ALC
PO Box 471
Avondale Estates, GA 30002

Thank you so much for helping us make our big dream an even bigger reality!

The Board, Staff and Families at Heartwood ALC