Enrollment Step-by-Step


Visiting Week

  1. Schedule 'Visiting Week' start date with Facilitators and/or Administrative Coordinator

  2. Before the start of the Visiting Week, complete these items:

    1. Forms:

      1. Complete Application & Records + pay Visiting Week Fee ($165) for each student (~30 minutes)

      2. Sign Legal Permissions (these will be sent to your inbox for secure signing) (~10 minutes)

      3. Submit Tuition proposal to the Finance Committee by completing the Tuition Proposal Worksheet (~10 minutes)

    2. Preparation materials:

  3. At the end of the Visiting Week, complete an in-person interview/ debrief with the Facilitators (*be sure you have fully completed the webinar by this time, so you will be ready with questions) (~45 minutes)

Final Enrollment

  1. Complete final forms (sent to your inbox for secure signing and upload)

    1. Sign Enrollment Agreement and pay Deposit

    2. Upload Immunization Form

    3. Sign Parent Agreements

  2. Read Family Handbook

  3. On-board with communications

    1. Your actions:

      1. Click here to request to join Heartwood ALC Families’ Facebook group

      2. Click here to sign up for RainedOut text message alerts

      3. Familiarize yourself with the Online Family Portal (password HALC)

    2. Facilitators and/or Administrative Coordinator will:

      1. Add your email address to the weekly Sunday Memo

      2. Add your information to the Family Directory

      3. Invite you to the school’s Google Calendar