Admissions Application Process

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General Admissions Application

Parent/Guardian Infomation
Name: Parent/Guardian *
Name: Parent/Guardian
Parent/guardian with whom we will be communicating throughout the admissions process
Phone: Parent/Guardian *
Phone: Parent/Guardian
Which parents/guardians does the student live with primarily? If rotation, please explain the schedule. Is there anyone else in the household (siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc.)
Examples: Gardening, Fundraising, Marketing, Chaperoning, Substituting, Carpooling, Attending Parent Info Sessions, Woodworking, Design, Administrative Duties, Computer Programming, Cooking, Reading/Editing, Nonprofit Law & Management, Arts & Crafts, Activities and Offerings in General, etc.
Please be mindful that your tuition is not so much a payment for a good or service but is your family's contribution to the cost of operating this community. Your contribution helps to pay staff salaries, bills, and for the activities and materials of the school.